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Piedmont Alumni Network

Class of 2024 and all PHS/MHS alumni, sign up for the Piedmont Alumni Network linked HERE. The goal is to build and reinforce connections and community pride by connecting alumni in one place. We are in the early stages of …

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Middle School Volleyball Summer Conditioning

Get ready for the upcoming middle school volleyball season with summer conditioning! This summer program is designed for any players who might have an interest in playing for their middle school volleyball team this upcoming season (returning and new players). …

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Schoolmates & MiniMates Registration Dates

Mark your calendars—it’s time to start thinking about the 2024/25 schoolyear. Schoolmates and Minimates details and registration dates are listed below. Click on the button below for enrollment and program details. Important Registration Dates: Camp Kaleidoscope: July 10th at 6:00 …

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PEF extends our gratitude to the businesses that participate in our Corporate Sponsorship program, whose generosity helps to enrich the educational experience of all Piedmont students. Many of the companies belong to Piedmont parents. The best way for our community to acknowledge their support is to continue frequenting these businesses.