Piedmont Unified School District relies on the Giving Campaign, the largest annual fundraiser for Piedmont schools, to help keep our schools as one of the highest ranked public school districts in California.

Our net government funding is declining even as basic expenses continue to rise, and this year the district is facing a $4.3 million budget shortfall. We once again need your generous contribution to help maintain PUSD’s current level of services for our students.

A great public education isn’t free. Piedmont schools spend funds beyond what they receive from the state and from local taxes to ensure that our student to staff ratio stays low, that our children have access to libraries and librarians, art and music, teachers with S.T.E.A.M. training, electives, A.P. classes, counselors, and special education.

Our schools are severely underfunded. If we, as parents do not help offset the 10% of the budget not covered by taxes and state funding, the programs most important to our children are at risk. This gap is $4.3 million, or $1,658 per student.

To give our children access to the best education possible, we must meet this funding need. Please join us in making a meaningful contribution to the Giving Campaign. Together we can achieve excellence in our schools.

Want to learn more? Have questions? Call the PEF office at (510)653-1816 or check out our FAQ’s.

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