The Giving Campaign is Piedmont’s largest annual fundraiser for our schools and directly benefits our children’s education. Contributions to the campaign ensure that all students in our District have a comprehensive, rigorous and dynamic experience from kindergarten through high school.

Because of your contribution, The Giving Campaign will:

  • Help cover the $1,538 shortfall per student NOT covered by state and local funding.
  • Fund 952 weekly hours of teacher, aide and specialist time across the District, enabling average class sizes of 22 students vs. 30+ in similar districts. This is equivalent to 25 full-time employees in the classroom.
  • Support Music and the Arts: for the first time, we have credentialed art and music teachers District-wide, creating well-rounded students and incorporating the arts into all areas of the curriculum.
  • Help fund AP classes and electives: each year we are able to add new courses, such as AP Computer Science Principles and AP World Language classes that help our students achieve academic excellence.
  • Provide school counselors and social/emotional programming: to guide students’ learning journey and support their well-being through our Wellness Center and College and Career Center.
  • Encourage innovation: provide professional development so our teachers can create a compelling and engaging academic experience.  For instance, our elementary teachers will go through Integrated Learning training which promotes project-based learning to improve student understanding and performance across all subject areas.

Our students and schools depend on us to raise these funds each year in order to maintain the exceptional programs for which Piedmont is known.  Please help by making a donation today.