A dedicated commitment to Piedmont's public schools.
Supporting programs that inspire learning...
creating engaged learners...
and providing a well-rounded education...
that allows students to achieve their goals.

Piedmont’s extraordinary schools attract families looking for an exceptional education and create a community interested in building and maintaining a place where everyone belongs. The schools, the heart of our community, are why we are here.

Unfortunately, a great public school education isn’t free. Each year expenses go up while funding from the government, and funds from our community’s generous parcel taxes, remain about the same. That is why PEF is here.

At its core, PEF’s work ensures the District has the funds needed to educate students. Every Giving Campaign donation, every Spring Fling donation, and every fundraiser goes to supporting a meaningful, well-rounded education. When our donors contribute to any of our fundraisers, the intent is to help fund education. We honor that intent. PEF’s volunteer Board of Directors works tirelessly each year to ensure that funds are raised and go toward the areas of greatest priority to the community.

Each year, donations to PEF help fund teachers and aides, librarians, arts, music, honors and AP courses, Wellness, and more. PEF helps to fund the things that make Piedmont schools special.

Piedmont Schools. It’s why we’re here.

Latest News From PEF

Meet our New Board Members
Meet our New Board Members

PEF is proud to introduce the new members of our Board of Directors

PEF to Grant $3.8 Million
PEF to Grant $3.8 Million

PEF estimates a grant of $3.5 million from the Giving Campaign and other fundraising and a tri-school grant of $320,000 from Spring Fling and Harvest Festival.

Funding Survey Results
Funding Survey Results

In May 2024, funding surveys were sent to all parents and guardians. Here are the results of that survey as well as an overview of the grant and survey process.

Raising Funds for Piedmont Unified School District

The Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) provides sustained financial support to the Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement.