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Our Mission
Our Mission

At its core, our work is to ensure the District has the funds needed to function and educate students. Read our Mission and Vision statement to understand our commitment to Piedmont schools.

Funding 101: The Grant Process
Funding 101: The Grant Process

Raising and granting funds is at the core of our work. Learn how the grants system functions and how you can take part.

How important is local and PEF funding?
How important is local and PEF funding?

Federal and State funding only covers the basics. Our schools rely on local funding from Parcel Taxes, Ballot Measures, and PEF to create a robust education for our students.

PEF Events

School & Community events will begin again in August 2021. Check out the PEF calendar for summer activities around town.

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Raising Funds for Piedmont Unified School District

The Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) provides sustained financial support to the Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement.

The PEF Giving Campaign is the largest annual fundraiser for Piedmont schools, raising over $3 million annually for PUSD.