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At its core, our work is to ensure the District has the funds needed to educate students. Every Giving Campaign donation, every Spring Fling purchase, every fundraiser goes to supporting a meaningful, well-rounded education. When our donors contribute to the Giving Campaign or any of our other fundraisers, their intent is to help fund our children’s education. We honor that intent. PEF’s volunteer Board of Directors works tirelessly each year to ensure that these funds are raised and go toward the areas of greatest priority to the community.

We hope you will join us in continuing Piedmont’s tradition of exceptional schools and outstanding community as we move forward together with this year’s Giving Campaign for Piedmont schools.

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If we don't pay for it, who will?
If we don't pay for it, who will?

It costs $19,000 to educate a Piedmont student. Learn more about how it is funded and why so much is up to us.

Giving Campaign Participation Challenge
Giving Campaign Participation Challenge

Who is up for a little friendly competition? Our goal is always 100% parent participation. And this year the grade with the highest parent participation will get a taco truck dinner to celebrate.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Learn more about The Giving Campaign and why it is essential to your student’s education.


Raising Funds for Piedmont Unified School District

The Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) provides sustained financial support to the Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement.

The PEF Giving Campaign is the largest annual fundraiser for Piedmont schools, raising over $3 million annually for PUSD.