Supporting The Giving Campaign

Investing for Today

A donation to The Giving Campaign will directly fund current essential programs throughout our schools. Without that support, librarians, counselors, teacher’s aides, technology, art, music, professional development, innovation, and strategic planning – cannot be so robustly sustained. Funds raised by The Giving Campaign are given to the District each year and makeup almost 10% of their annual budget. To learn more, visit our Giving Campaign page.

Giving to the Endowment

Investing for the Future

Give to the Endowment Fund, and give in perpetuity.  The Endowment is an ongoing source of sustained, long-term funding for students of today and tomorrow. Valued at over $8.5 million, annual distributions (5% of the corpus) have grown more than five-fold since 2002. The Endowment mitigates the unreliability of state funding and supports core K-12 programs.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Building a permanent Endowment Fund is the best way to protect the investment we have made – and continue to make – in educational excellence.  With state funding ever unpredictable, the Endowment represents a stable source of income, and each gift brings us closer to our goal of ensuring the continuing excellence of Piedmont’s schools in perpetuity. The Endowment provides a critical source of ongoing unrestricted funding for essential programs, including counseling and libraries, long abandoned by many California districts. The Endowment distributions enabled the District to include an expanded computer science curriculum into its core program, making Piedmont one of the first K-12 districts in the country to adopt computer science standards.

Our Goal of $10 Million

Thanks to the vision of generous donors, the Endowment Fund, provides consistent, long-term financial support to the District through annual distributions.  Since 2004, annual distributions have grown at a compound rate of almost 20% – generating total revenues of over $1.2 million that have directly benefited students. Gifts to the Endowment Fund may be made as a current pledge (cash, charge, or securities) or as a deferred gift (bequest or trust). Donations may also be made as a tribute to honor or in memory of a special individual or part of our Senior Class Gift program.