Supporters of the Endowment Fund

PEF appreciates all contributions to the Endowment Fund, a sustained source of funding for the Piedmont schools.

Lifetime Supporters

Lifetime Supporters are recognized for their support of $100,000 or more to the Piedmont Education Foundation over time. Their contributions have been instrumental in sustaining Piedmont as one of the top public school districts in the state and in the country. We thank them for their bold leadership and visionary commitment to our schools.

Thank you to our Endowment Lifetime Donors

$500,000 or more

Mark & Cathy Glazier
Jon & Ann Reynolds

$250,000 or more

Quinn Delaney & Wayne Jordan
Steven & Karen Ellis
Doug & Mary Ireland
Tim & Camilla McCalmont
Shahan & Camilla Soghikian
Two Anonymous Donors

$150,000 or more

Rob & Shannon Bloemker
B.C. & Christine Crowley
Bob & Christine Gray
Jim & Stephanie Harleen
Eric Havian & Jean Jarvis
Bill & Lynne Hosler
David & Brynne Staley
Andrea & Paul Swenson

$100,000 or more

Pierre Breber & Maria Carson-Breber
Maria Canizales
Scott & Valerie Corvin
Virginia Davis
Christopher & MJ Dodds
Thomas Hahn & Robin Phipps
Matt & Margaret Heafey
Brett & Robyn Hodess
Bob & Kim Lally
Rob (z’l) & Eileen Ruby
Matt Rogers & Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers
Hort Shapiro & Jeannie Ritchie
Eric Sullivan & Teri Steele
Roland & Christine von Metzsch
Natalie Williamson
Robert Williamson
Scott Willis & Charmaine Clay

Anniversary Circle

A gift for generations. Anniversary Circle donors pledge $1,000-$25,000 per year for five years to our Endowment Fund. Their donations of $5,000-$125,000 benefit their children’s education from Kindergarten through high school and benefit the children at Piedmont schools for generations to follow.

Thank you to our Anniversary Circle Members!

$25,000 or more

Hilary and Graham Cooper
Katie and Gary Korotzer
Jenny and Mike Lynn
Mary and Doug Ireland
Eileen and Rob (z’l) Ruby
Andrea and Paul Swenson
Christine and Roland von Metzsch

$10,000 or more

Shanti and Doug Brien
Cathie Geddeis
Jacque and Mike Jumper
Shilpa and Ashish Patel
Jennifer and Chad Rego

$5,000 or more

Hirni and Tarang Amin
Patricia and Mark Andrews
Beth and Jamie Barrett
Katherine and Stefano Bini
Maria Carson-Breber and Pierre Breber
Susie and Justin Burden
Terri and Glyn Burge
Julia and Bruce Burke
Jenna and Jack Caldwell
Michelle and Brady Cole
Kia and Bill Conn
Eric Ethington
Laurie and Mitch Gage
Sacha and Joel Grippando
Justine and Oren Jacob
Holly and John Hanke
Anne-Marie Lamarche and Mark Menke
Kathy and Craig Moody
Doug Okun
Jeannette and Ed Roach
Mahvash Hassan and Alan Siqueira
Amy and Reid Settlemier
Lisa and Weston Settlemier
Teri Steele and Eric Sullivan
Rebecca and Edward Thornborrow
Anian and Peter Tunney
Liz and Gregor Watson
Beth and Kelly Wiesbrock
Natalie Williamson
Rob Williamson