What does PEF support?

PEF is funding essential programs across all school sites.

Elementary Schools

At our elementary schools, PEF funds make sure that those extra pairs of hands (general classroom aides or instructional assistants) are in the classroom regularly to support individual learning and small group instruction. PEF helps to fund staff, helping to keep class size low; and counseling, helping to preserve positive school climates.

  • Classroom aides
  • Teaching librarians
  • Lower class sizes
  • Educational technology
  • Social-emotional curriculum & counselors
  • Math Intervention specialists
  • Music clinicians & supplies
  • Differentiation specialists
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Middle School

At the middle school level, PEF funding has allowed middle schools to add a variety of electives to help kids find their “spark” and to lower class sizes in all courses.  Donations to PEF also support counseling and librarians.

  • Electives
  • Educational technology
  • Counseling
  • Librarians
  • Academic counseling
  • Math & Science support
  • Scot’s Camp
  • Music clinicians, choral & instrumental aides & musical supplies

High School

Funding from PEF has enabled the high schools to maintain an excellent, comprehensive program, including AP classes, computer science electives, and service learning programs.

  • Math & Science curriculum support
  • Electives
  • Academic counseling
  • Teaching librarians
  • Counseling and academic guidance
  • College & Career Center Coordinator
  • Director of Athletics
  • Music clinicians, choral & instrumental aides & musical supplies

K-12 Grants

PEF also supports one-time grants for special programs and events. And, recognizing that excellent teachers make a difference in the classroom, PEF places particular emphasis on supporting opportunities for professional growth, exploration and collaboration.

PEF has also helped the District provide safe and up-to-date facilities and teaching spaces:

  • The PMS Learnscape concept was developed by a student and makes use of a previously little-used area for much needed outdoor lunch and socializing, while doubling as a “green” teaching space. Learnscape was funded in memory of beloved PEF board member Bill Drum.
  • PEF helped to fund upgrades to performance and audience amenities in the much-used Alan Harvey Theater at Piedmont High School.