Parents of Grads Rally for Senior Gift to the PEF Endowment

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Class of 2016 Parents Sign Letters on Behalf of Senior Gift to PEF Endowment

Supporters of the PEF Endowment gathered at the home of Justin and Dianne Roach to sign letters and rally families of Class of 2016 to donate in honor of their graduating seniors.  The Senior Gift is a time-honored tradition and a meaningful way to mark a graduate’s time in the Piedmont schools and their formative educational years.

PEF Board Member Dave Staley, and parent of Teddy Staley, Class of 2016, explains “The Endowment is one of this community’s most precious assets.  By donating today in our graduate’s name, we leave a legacy that ensures students of tomorrow will continue to benefit.”  Last year, the Class of 2015 gave $45,000.

Barbara Gustke, parent of PHS senior Will, plans to participate with a contribution:  “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Let’s celebrate our graduates and the Piedmont education that helped get them here.” She adds “It’s our turn to carry it forward for the next generation.”

The Endowment Fund, valued at close to $6 million, provides a dependable, long-term source of funding for the Piedmont schools through its annual distribution, this year at $290,000.  Managed by Osterweis Capital Management, and supported by generous families and the community, the Fund supports District priorities such as academic electives at the high schools and middle school, and K-12 library and counseling services.

Superintendent Randall Booker talks about how and why the Endowment matters:  “As the distribution increases, so does our flexibility in the kind of programming we can offer.  For example, the increase in recent years enabled us to integrate new Computer Science standards and courses into our program.  A growing endowment makes a difference.  Thank you to PEF, to the visionary donors who created this asset – and to everyone who’s invested in it since.”

Gifts of any amount are appreciated.  Questions regarding the PEF Endowment Fund may be directed to the Fundraising Office at 653-1816 or

Photo caption, L-R:  Susan Willrich, Pete Docter, Amanda Docter, Ling Chiao, Dianne Roach, Justine Roach, Teri Steele, Barbara Gustke, Janice Kim, Brynne Staley, Leslie Frankel.

Photo credit:  Patty Dunlap