Honor Your Graduate with a Gift to the PEF Endowment

As proud parents of the class of 2018, we believe PHS & MHS have prepared our children for success in life beyond high school. That’s why we have all committed to making a donation to the PEF Endowment for Piedmont Schools. We would like to encourage you to join us in keeping Piedmont schools strong.

There’s a reason why PUSD consistently ranks in the top-tier of public schools in California, why average SAT scores are so high, and why students report feeling safe, cared for and connected. This reason goes beyond qualified, compassionate teachers and administrators, and beyond books, technology and athletics. This reason is the Piedmont community.

Together, we serve hot lunch, plan proms, sit on parent club boards and re-shelve library books. We also dig deep to raise and contribute the funds needed to help make Piedmont schools some of the best in the state.

Each year we ask the parents of graduating seniors to contribute to PEF’s Endowment in honor of their student. Our children have benefited from the endowment distributions funded by fifteen years of senior parents. Now it’s our chance to acknowledge the value of the education our child received, and to help the next generation of PHS & MHS students.

A donation to the Endowment will pay dividends in perpetuity to support Piedmont’s public schools. Please consider a personally meaningful gift in honor of the extraordinary education your student has received.

We encourage you to make your gift by April 15 to have your family recognized in PEF’s annual Patron publication.

Thank you so much for your generosity. We are grateful to have you in our community.

Parents of the Class of 2018

Danea, Joanne, Steven, Betsy, Alison, Guy, Betsy, Beth, Jodi, Jayne, Karen, Tina, Kendall, Laura, Diana, Katie, Barbara, Tracy, Tali, Beverly, Narda, Beth and Susan