PEF Base Grant

The 2022 – 2023 base grant continued to place primary focus on teacher retention with 72% of grant funds supporting teacher salaries, inclusive of librarians and other specialists. Another 20% invests in student support staff, such as paraeducators, classroom aides, and counselors, and 8% in classroom support, curriculum development, diversity, equity and inclusion work, and professional development. After salary support, professional development opportunities for teachers and staff are a key recruitment and retention tool, leading to a significant increase in funds for this line item.

Thanks to the generosity of this year’s campaign, PEF will be able to provide a supplemental grant for specific programs. Please scroll down to see details on the base grant as well as information on the additional funding.

Supplemental Funding Grant

With the Giving Campaign raising more than expected, PEF and the Parents Clubs reached out to the parent community to survey their thoughts on how the additional funding should be spent. The results of the survey can be read here. Based on input from the surveys, the grants committee recommended that the additional funding be used to continue two newer programs whose government funding was ending. PEF funds will maintain the expanded tutoring program and extended mental health counseling across the district. PEF will fund two elementary school priorities: aides to re-open school libraries at lunchtime for student use and the continued placement of paraeducators to supervise during lunchtime at each school. The middle and high school representatives prioritized a secondary reading specialist, who will provide ongoing support for older readers.

Spring Fling and Harvest Festival Funding

Spring Fling and the Harvest Festival raise funds specifically for our elementary schools. PEF is currently working with the elementary school principals, parents’ clubs, and PUSD to grant this one-time funding to additional SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and Literacy resources. We will be announcing details on this funding soon.

2021-2022 PEF Grant

Click HERE to see the complete grant from the 2021-2022 school year.