By leaving a bequest to the PEF Endowment, I can help generations of Piedmont kids forever. I love this community and I value education. Once I have provided for my family, I can demonstrate my values to them by supporting the causes that I care about in perpetuity.
– Eileen Ruby, a founding member of the Exedra Society

Support Tomorrow’s Students

PEF’s endowment fund is currently worth $6.5 million. This endowment provides over $300,000 a year (and growing!) in perpetuity for the schools. A generous group of community members, known as the Exedra Society, is committed to seeing this endowment grow by leaving a bequest or planned gift to PEF.
Invest in future generations with a bequest to the Exedra Society. Join your friends and neighbors who are choosing to ensure their legacy and the future of Piedmont’s schools by making a planned gift. Contact us at or (510) 653-1816 to learn more.

What is the Exedra Society?

The Exedra Society is a group of community members who are choosing to ensure their legacy and the future of Piedmont’s  schools by making a planned legacy gift.

How can I participate?

You can join by making a legacy gift to PEF’s Endowment Fund. A legacy gift is a contribution arranged in the present but allocated for the future. Legacy gifts can be of any amount and are commonly donated through an IRA, retirement plan, will or trust. Consult your financial advisor for more details. If you make a provision, please let us know so we may thank you.

Why is the PEF Endowment important?

A contribution to the PEF Endowment is an investment in Piedmont’s future. The Endowment provides a permanent income source to support our schools. Your contribution will pay dividends in perpetuity to maintain excellence in our schools.