Piedmont Graduates Return for the Schools

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With Piedmont’s schools ranked #1 in Northern California by the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress for a third year in a row, it is no surprise that many people who grew up in Piedmont are coming back to raise their own children here.


“I attended Piedmont’s schools from 4th grade through senior year and received a great education thanks in part to the strong community support for the schools,” said Tom Stevens, father of Elena (PMS grade 7) and Olivia (Havens grade 8). “When we moved back to the Bay Area from the East Coast, we chose to live in Piedmont so that our children could benefit from the same community-backed educational experience.”

The McWeeny Scott Family

Abby Scott, mother of Graham and Molly McWeeny, both in 9th grade at Piedmont Middle School, credits her early years in Piedmont’s schools for sparking her lifelong passion for public education. She and her husband, John McWeeny, actively searched throughout the Bay Area when they were deciding where to raise their family and settled back in Piedmont. “Now in high school, our twins have benefitted from the tremendous commitment from the teachers and fellow parents each step of the way,” said Abby. “The schools were excellent when I was growing up here, but they are even better now.”


The Ring Fang Family

For Etienne Fang, who was raised in Piedmont and returned with her husband, Jason Ring, to raise their sons Lucian (Beach grade 4) and Julian (Beach grade 1), the schools and the close community were the draw. “We chose to come back to Piedmont not just for the schools but for the lifelong community it provides. I have realized that some of my closest friends to this day are people I met in kindergarten!”

The Azad Family

Courtney Azad, mother of Henley (Havens grade 1), “I look back fondly on my years in Piedmont’s schools. I always felt challenged and love that there were so many extra curricular courses to choose from including art, music, acapella, languages, and sports. This is only our second year in the Piedmont school system but so far it has been magical for our daughter. With two more children following behind her I can’t wait to watch them excel and be challenged in all different ways.”


Now that the 2018-19 Giving Campaign fundraiser is underway, Piedmont alums are stepping up more than ever before to help support the schools that made such a difference in their early years.


Abby Scott knows why: “A great public education is not free. Every gift to Piedmont Education Foundation fundraisers, like the Giving Campaign, makes a real difference for our kids and our community.”


Piedmont alumna Ashley Stevanovic, parent of Luka (Beach grade 3) and Nicky (Beach grade 1), echoes the sentiment: “Creating art and learning about instruments and music are some of my sons’ favorite experiences. I can’t imagine art and music being eliminated for a lack of funding. Support for the Giving Campaign is essential. I want my children to benefit even more than I did from a Piedmont education.”


The Giving Campaign has raised over $2 million but still has a ways to go before it meets the needs of our schools. Learn more and donate today at www.piedmontedfoundation.org/donate.