PEF and Parent Clubs Present $2,803,301 to Piedmont Schools

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PEF and Parent Clubs Present $2,803,301 to Piedmont Schools

At the September 28 School Board meeting, the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) presented a check for $2,803,301 to the Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD). The donation reflects the generosity of hundreds of Piedmont parents and community members who gave last year to ensure continued excellence in PUSD schools this year.  $2.47 million of the grant comes from PEF, the result of fundraisers during the 2015-2016 school year, including the Giving Campaign, Spring Fling, Scrip, Partners program, and Endowment distributions.  The remaining $329 thousand comes from Parent Clubs.

PEF Thanks Donors:  “Because of YOU…”

At the meeting, PEF Chair Christine Wente von Metzsch expressed gratitude for the community’s continuing commitment to public education. “Thanks to our donors, Piedmont schools will continue to provide a wonderful educational experience for all students. This donation is funding critical staff and programs in classrooms right now – teaching libraries, academic counseling, technology, STEM electives, the Wellness Center, the College and Career Center, teachers’ aides, art, music and more.”  Wente von Metzsch emphasized, “Because of YOU, Piedmont, we are a top-ranked school district,” referring to the rankings recently released showing Piedmont to be #1 and #3 in the state in Math and English Literacy respectively.

PEF Fills a Funding Gap of $1538 per Student

The PEF donation fills the $1,538 gap between what’s provided by tax dollars and what’s needed to provide a Piedmont student with an excellent education.  That amounts to 25 additional full-time equivalent positions, or 952 additional hours per week of teaching, aide and specialist time.

Eight Percent of Staff Funded by PEF

The grant will fund 8% of staff and programs that directly impact students — arts, electives, athletics, classroom aides — and the District’s ability to keep class sizes small.  PEF funds are allocated to every Piedmont school, and allow the administrative team and principals to put resources towards staffing the programs that matter most for their students.

“The Piedmont community support for public education is remarkable,” says Superintendent Randy Booker. “With our state funding ever precarious and our enrollment on the rise, PEF funds are essential for us to be able to offer an extraordinary education – with innovative and inspiring educators – in classrooms where all students can thrive.  PEF is an essential part of WHY our schools are excellent.  Thank you, Piedmont!”

How the $2,803,301 Is Allocated

$2,474,233 of the grant comes from PEF, and the remaining $329,073 from Parent Club reserves, including $77,000 in restricted grants.  The new PEF Grants Committee met throughout the 2015-2016 school year to clarify and discuss funding priorities with Superintendent Booker. The 21-member committee was comprised of PEF board members and at-large members of the parent and greater Piedmont community, with representatives from Parent Clubs and various support groups.

The grant is divided into two categories: Tier 1 for ongoing program, aka teachers ($2,083,480); and Tier 2 ($390,753) for instructional materials, professional and curriculum development, student support services, short-term pilot programs, K-12 Wellness programs, assemblies, field trips, and more.  Both Tier 1 and 2 funds will be allocated across all school sites and impact students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

About the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF)

PEF is the only local education nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting comprehensive programs at all Piedmont schools. PEF partners with parents, community members and businesses to raise funds that give all students the best education possible. Since 1975, PEF has been raising essential funds for the Piedmont schools. Visit to learn more.

Pictured in photo, left to right – back row:  Superintendent Randy Booker, School Board president Andrea Swenson, PEF chair Christine Wente von Metzsch, Mary Ireland, PEF Executive Director Susan Terrill, Giving Campaign Co-Chair Eileen Kwei; front row:  Cortney Allen, Cory Smegal

Photo credit:  Julie Reichle