Piedmont Education Foundation Approves $3.8 Million for PUSD

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PEF Announces Grants from Giving Campaign, Spring Fling Fundraising

On May 16, the Board of Directors of the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) approved the 2024-25 grant distribution plan for PUSD. While the final amount to be granted will not be known until the books close after June 30, PEF estimates a grant of $3.5 million from Giving Campaign and other fundraising and a tri-school grant of $320,000 from Spring Fling and Harvest Festival.

“We are thrilled to be able to make these record-breaking grants to our schools,” says PEF Executive Director Heather Frank, “Huge thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard work, especially Giving Campaign Co-Chairs Kim Hunter and Catie Osborn, and Spring Fling Co-Chairs Marco Gonzalez Navarro, Michael Gross, and Max Roman.” Adds Frank, “Piedmont responded to a year of unknowns with unprecedented generosity. Once again this community joined together and made a difference.”

The development of the grant distribution plan relies on input from the Piedmont parent community. This year’s survey was sent to PEF’s list of 2,347 parent emails The email had an open rate of 70.6%. “The Grants Committee deeply appreciates the 418 families that responded to our survey,” says Chair of the Grants Committee Sara Davison DeVries. “This community once again prioritized classroom instruction, counselors, and specialists.” Over 80% of this year’s grant will go toward salary and benefits for certificated staff. PEF will also fund classified staff, curriculum, DEIB, professional development, and technology.