The PEF Grant Committee used the funding survey results above to draft this year’s distribution plan. The survey results assigned a numeric point value to each line item at each school site. The funds available for each school site are based on the number of students at each site. This year each site will receive $1,153 per student, multiplied by the number of students projected to be enrolled at that site. The grant amount for each campus is then divided by the total numeric point value of each line item at that site for a dollar amount per point. That dollar amount is then multiplied by the point value for each line item.

Except in the areas of professional development and classroom support, the PEF grant supplants but does not supplement district funding. PEF works to invest community funds in a way that reflects community priorities, ensuring the district understands the importance of these areas to Piedmont families. An increase or decrease of PEF funding to a specific line item does not change the budgeted cost of that line item for PUSD. It only changes how much of that program is funded by PEF and how much by district general fund dollars.

Spring Fling and Harvest Festival Funding

Spring Fling and the Harvest Festival raise funds specifically for our elementary schools. Due to the incredible success of Spring Fling, we are able to secure funding to keep the libraries open at lunch and the expanded mental health counseling at the elementary schools for the next two years.

Thank you to our elementary school families for making this possible. Visit our Spring Fling page to read more about this season of events.

2022-2023 PEF Grant

Click HERE to see the complete grant from the 2022-2023 school year.