Old Friends and New Welcome Executive Director at PEF Reception

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Thursday, January 28 — Dozens of Piedmont friends and neighbors came together for a community reception, hosted by PEF Chair Christine Wente von Metzsch, to welcome Susan Terrill, the new Executive Director to the PEF team.  The crowd, a mix of community members and fellow parents including old friends from Susan’s years as a Piedmont student, was festive and energized.  (After many years of living in other Bay Area communities, Susan has recently returned to Piedmont for the same reason her parents moved here so many years ago — the schools.)  PEF supporters and well wishers made connections across the many paths of Susan’s life, pleased to find that those paths have now converged to bring her to the Ed Foundation.  (Pictured above with Susan:  Former PMS Principal John Morrison and longtime community member Susan McCreary)

Addressing the room, Susan spoke movingly about how honored she is to be taking the lead for PEF, and how seriously she takes its charge to help ensure educational excellence for all Piedmont students.   Acknowledging old friends and new in the room, she gave a warm shout out to her former PMS principal, John Morrison who came with his wife, Carolee, and to her Piedmont High School posse, good friends who, like Susan, have returned to Piedmont to raise their own families.  “I feel very fortunate to be back here.  And all of you being here tonight goes to show the power of a great community — and a great education.  The one can’t exist without the other.  This is what PEF is all about, and I am excited to dedicate myself to this work,” said Susan.

Photography credit:  Jennifer Fox