Letter to the Editor | We doubled our contribution to the schools this year

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My wife Anne and I moved to Piedmont six years ago for the same reasons that most people do: strong schools and a strong community.  The people of Piedmont have a remarkable capacity to work together for the common good of us all.  Nowhere is this more evident than in our support for the education of our children.  We all believe that educating children, whether they are part of our family or part of our community, to have the skills to succeed professionally and the compassion to care for others, serves all of our interests.  I know this as a result of meeting so many of the people who live here – on the sidelines at games, in my four years as president of the Haven’s Dad’s Club, and now as a board member of the Piedmont Educational Foundation (PEF) .

We are deeply grateful for the effort shown by all involved, teachers, parent volunteers, members of the school board, and supportive members of the community, to provide our children with the best possible learning environment.  This challenge has only become more difficult as state funding has been reduced and the demands of having to rapidly adapt to the restrictions required to keep everyone safe in the pandemic have been thrust upon us.

The school system needs our support more than ever.  It is for this reason that we decided to double our annual contribution to the Piedmont Educational Foundation and urge others to give whatever they can towards our children’s, and thus our, future.

— Tom Snyder, PMS/PHS Parent, PEF Board Member, PEF Grants Committee Co-chair