Every Dollar Counts: Let’s Make a Difference in Our Schools!

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By Courtney Azad

The magic of Piedmont schools can be found every day when our children get to do a project in the library, take an art class, study for an A.P. test, pull out their chromebooks, or walk to school amidst the sounds of laughter and chatter. This magic isn’t just happenstance It’s fueled by the collective effort of a dedicated community, including parents like you. And it’s not too late to make a difference.

As of today, 52% of Piedmont parents have participated in the Giving Campaign. At its peak, parents reached 68% participation. Giving Campaign Co-Chair Kim Hunter asks, “We are always working toward 100% participation. For those who have given, please encourage others to support our schools and teachers. It’s fantastic that two of our parent club boards have reached 100% participation — Havens and PMS! Please help us continue that momentum.”

The grade level competition is heating up with 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades tied at 69%. The winning grade will be invited to a fun, family-friendly event. Schoolwide, Havens is ahead with 67% parent participation. “Four years ago, Beach reached 84% participation and five years ago Wildwood hit an amazing 91%. We haven’t beaten these numbers since then. Let’s do it this year!” Giving Chair Cate Osborn exclaimed. 

The Piedmont School Giving Campaign is a vital part of our school system. This annual campaign raises crucial funds that bridge the gap between state funding and the true cost of a Piedmont education. Your donation, no matter the size, directly contributes to dedicated teachers and student support staff, engaging academic programs, and essential health and wellness services.

The impact of your donation extends far beyond the classroom. It creates a ripple effect that benefits our entire community. Your support demonstrates to our educators that their work is valued and appreciated. And participation breeds participation. As more families donate, it becomes the norm for everyone to contribute, creating a culture of giving that ensures our schools have the resources they need for years to come.

This year, let’s reach our goal of 100% participation. Imagine the impact we can make together! Every single family donating, regardless of the amount, sends a powerful message to our educators and our children: we believe in you, and we are committed to ensuring your success.