Supporting Piedmont Schools since 1975

The Piedmont Educational Foundation: Supporting Piedmont Schools since 1975

The Piedmont Educational Foundation (PEF) was founded in 1975 by a group of dedicated and visionary community members who wanted to ensure the quality of our public schools. Our mission is to promote academic excellence, champion innovation and provide sustained financial support to our public schools.

The Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) must rely on over $2 million in private fundraising in order to meet its goals. Only 57% of the District’s annual budget comes from State funding with the School Parcel Tax contributing an additional $9 million or 31% to the District. PEF, along with other school support groups, seeks to help make up that shortfall.

As a community based public school support organization, PEF supports educational excellence through a variety of grants programs. PEF actively seeks donations in support of our schools via the Foundation Fund, Endowment Fund, and Partners in Education Program. In addition, Dress Best For Less makes a substantial donation each year to PEF and is an integral part of PEF funding. PEF annually publishes The Patron which contains information about the schools, provides opportunities for the community to make donations and describes how PEF fundraising dollars are spent. We also publish the School Directory as a service to our school families and community.

PEF has been a guardian of the academic excellence we have come to expect from our public schools. Help us help our children, both current as well as future generations, attain the gift of an exemplary public school education.

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