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The Piedmont Educational Foundation and Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont Unite to Form Single Entity

Piedmont, CA - May 21, 2015 - The Piedmont Educational Foundation (PEF) and Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont (ACPC) announced today that they are joining into a singular entity and will remain named The Piedmont Education Foundation. Citing reasons of synergy and greater appeal to donors, the organizations merged to foster efficiency in the overall fundraising process, administration and distribution of funds. Underscoring the need for a strong and transparent partnership with the District, the Foundation has put in place checks and balances through a clear system for grant-making and reporting out on the distribution of funds.

The PEF Board of Directors will continue to be comprised of parents as well as long-standing donors and the greater community, numbering 30 people. Board members (formerly representing PEF and APCP) will serve on one or more of seven different working committees.

Through major fundraising vehicles such as The Giving Campaign, The PEF Endowment and Spring Fling, The Piedmont Education Foundation will continue to fund core programs that help make Piedmont schools excellent. PEF Board members will continue to work closely with Parent Clubs to engage parents and help set annual fundraising goals. Volunteers from the parent and greater community are encouraged to get involved with the various PEF fundraising initiatives, projects and events through the work of the Board subcommittees.

Piedmont Education Foundation Role and Values

  • PEF focuses on education for all Piedmont students, kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Works in partnership with the Piedmont Unified School District
  • Promotes quality, excellence and innovation in education
  • Fosters strong communications across all PUSD schools and throughout the Piedmont community
  • Strives to engage the whole community, from educators and parents of K-12 students, to residents who no longer have school-aged children

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