Scrip Fundraiser Seeks Volunteer Leaders!

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PEF’s third largest fundraiser for our schools is looking for enthusiastic volunteers — strategic and organized thinkers and doers who enjoy working to build community and want to get more involved.

Scrip raises approximately $100,000 each year and is the only fundraiser that makes money at no cost to the donor.  Instead, participating retailers (e.g. Safeway, Berkeley Bowl, Whole Foods, CVS, Pottery Barn, Gap, AMC Movies and more) give us a discount on gift cards, which we sell at face value to parents, staff and community members.  That means anywhere from 3-20% of purchases from gift cards goes to our schools — at NO COST TO THE CUSTOMER.  This fundraiser is a win-win for our schools and students.  [Learn more.]

Volunteering for PEF Scrip means flexible hours — while providing a fantastic community service to Piedmont parents and residents alike — with many of our customers continuing to be active after graduation.  The positions that need to be filled are:

Scrip Inventory Manager
Duties include the purchases, distribution, and tracking of all scrip inventory (over $1.6M/year),  as well as coordinating monthly Standing Monthly Order purchases.  This is a big job that requires someone with a proven attention to minute detail and familiarity with managing complex accounting.   It must also be someone with a flexible enough schedule to accommodate keeping Scrip’s high level of customer service (by being available to pick up cards weekly from local vendors, place special orders, and  help manage the order of school staff Holiday and end-of-year thank you gifts).

Scrip Administrator
Duties include publicity/marketing/communications, running meetings and Scrip sales events, acting as escrip contact, promoting direct (online) scrip sales,  and assisting Inventory Manager as needed.  This should also be a person who can envision where Scrip is headed (which we believe is in online sales) and who can formulate a plan of action.

Please volunteer for Scrip!  And help this critical fundraiser continue to thrive, build community and support our kids.  For more information, please contact Ellen Fraser or Lisa Peters.