The Giving Campaign provides the resources that help narrow the shortfall between state and local funding and the true cost of a Piedmont education. For next year, the difference between what our schools receive from state and local taxes, and what it costs to educate our children will be $1,930 per student.


Piedmont schools are among the best in the state, but inadequate state funding means our community needs to raise over $4 million to continue to deliver this educational experience. 

Today, more than ever before, our schools and teachers rely on community support through the Giving Campaign as we plan for a safe return to classrooms amidst unpredictable government funding. Our city and community continue to benefit from housing some of the best public schools in California.

We believe that a community engaged in making educational excellence a priority benefits us all. We encourage you to give a donation that is meaningful to your family. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Please join us in contributing to the Giving Campaign and building stronger schools together.

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