Honor your graduate with a gift

to the PEF Endowment

Friends and family of the Piedmont High School and Millennium High School Class of 2020 donated to the Endowment Fund in honor of their graduates. Over the past 18 years, Senior Class Gifts have left a collective legacy over $500,000. PEF and PUSD thank and applaud the graduating seniors, their families, and friends.

Jace Porter, Jeff & Beth Porter
Hunter Disco, Matt Disco & Sandra Rappaport
Jared Tsukahara, Carl & Noelle Tsukahara
Sophia Zalewski, Gary & Lesley Zalewski
Cutter Mitchell, Clay & Kristi Mitchell
George Brayer, Erin & George Brayer
Floyd Henry, Floyd & Alyssa Henry
Abraham Barnes, Barry Barnes & Samantha Spielman
Mara Liang-Jones, Zachary Jones & Janet Liang
Julia & Paul Pappas, Alexandra Manolis
Thomas Wilson, Jen & Earl Wilson

Girls Launchpad Class of 2020: Maggie Black, Ava Bogart, Ceci Brien, Ava Caldwell, Tali Cooper, Isabelle Eggert, Austen Elvekrog, Ani Feinberg, Colby Francis, Sofia Loucks, Marlow McEffee, Lilli Nilsson, Lily Orta, Julia Pappas, Jace Porter, Erin Quick

In memory of Paul Manolis honoring his class of 2020 grandchildren graduates