Piedmont Education Foundation’s Giving Campaign to Launch September 21

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PIEDMONT, California — The Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) announced last week that this year’s Giving Campaign, the largest annual fundraiser for the Piedmont Unified School District, will officially launch on Tuesday, September 21st. The Giving Campaign raises critical funds that bridge the gap between what PUSD receives from state and local funding sources, and what it actually costs to educate Piedmont’s students. Fortunately, Piedmont’s schools are surrounded by the Giving Campaign Committee, an exceptionally dedicated community of supporters that work tirelessly to help mitigate California’s insufficient school funding levels. 

Co-Chaired by Colleen Allan and Christine Wente von Metzsch, the Giving Campaign Committee is composed of the entire PEF board, leaders from Piedmonts Parents’ Clubs, and professionals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. The committee includes Sarah Abel, Cortney Allen, Ali Allessio, Laura Amen, Tonya Antonucci, Claire Arno, Courtney Azad, Amber Brumfiel, Susie Burden, Mark Cameron, Jay Cohen, Brian Crandall, Sara Davison DeVries, Kat DiPiazza, Una Elias, Charlotte Ero, Rita Fabi, Angel Fierro, Lisa Fuller, Nicki Gilbert , Ryan Gilbert, Cathy Glazier, Penny Graham, April Gruber, Amy Gurvitz, Grace Harris, Emily Harrold, Jeanne-Marie Hebert, Cindy Hinman, Francis Hoang, Mary Ireland, Esti Iturralde, Zoe Johns Catalano, Amelie Kappes, Dan Kappes, Eileen Kwei, Carrie Lee, Dana Lung, Kristen Malan, Catherine McDowell, Chad Olcott, John Orta, Sarah Puckett, Val Reilly, Mary Lou Righellis, Eileen Ruby, Jill Saper, Sophia Schwartz, Abby Scott, Kim Shartsis, Emily Shoop, Rick Smith, Linda Smith Munyan, Tom Snyder, Ashley Stevanovic, Jean Takazawa, Lindsay Thomasson, Rich Thompson, Rebecca Thornborrow, Nicole Taylor, Jane Violich, and Virginia Watkins

Interested in being part of the committee? We would love to have you! Call us at 510.653.1816 or email andrea@piedmontedfoundation.org. Everyone is invited to join the fun starting Tuesday, September 21. Wear purple (tell your children, too!) to show your support for our students and our schools. Chat with the volunteers at elementary school drop-offs, and join the popsicle party (donated by Mulberry’s Market) with your children at the Exedra from 3:00-4:00 PM. Most importantly, the committee invites everyone to contribute in support of our schools as we move forward together.

About PEF

Piedmont Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide sustained financial support to Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement. Led by a 22-member volunteer board of directors and supported by a professional office staff, PEF oversees the Giving Campaign, Spring Fling, the Student Directory, and much more. Visit​ ​PiedmontEdFoundation.org​ to learn more.