Not sure how to let our elected officials know we are serious about funding our schools? Here are some sample images and messages you can use. Remember to tag our government officials and hashtag if using on social media.

Sample Email Message:

Dear                    ,

California  needs to make new investments  in TK-12 education now.

Currently, California ranks in the bottom 10 for school funding in the United States. Years of inadequate state funding have left public schools in California facing a budget crisis that results in deficit spending, cuts to program, personnel, and resources, higher class sizes, and widespread teacher shortages.   The Center for Education Policy Analysis at Stanford estimates  that funding schools to meet the state’s own standards and academic goals would require a 38 percent increase in spending, or approximately $25.6 billion more in funding.  While the state has made efforts to restore school funding to pre-recession levels, new unfunded mandates such as ongoing increases in contributions to retirement programs and special education have left districts across the state scrambling to meet their financial obligations.

The lack of adequate state funding perpetuates gross inequities in the quality of education and services for students.It has also shifted the burden onto local residents, leaving them to make up for the differences if they can.

We can not wait.  Our children deserve more. I urge you to support efforts and initiatives to increase state funding for TK-12 public education!

Thank you,

Text & Social Media Messaging:

Check out  and join the Alameda County education community in advocating for adequate school funding!

The children of California deserve better. Pass AB39.

Did you know…California is $25.6 billion away from adequately funding schools?

Check out  to learn what you can do to advocate for better school funding!

Did you know…California ranks in the bottom 10 for per student spending in the United States?

Check out  to learn what you can do to advocate for better school funding!

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