California underfunds education.

Piedmont schools are among the best in the state, but inadequate state funding means our community needs to raise over $4 million to continue to deliver this educational experience. The facts are:

  • California is 42nd in education funding per student.
  • PUSD receives $2,580 less per student than the average California school.
  • State funding covers the bare minimum needed to meet graduation requirements. Piedmont understands that this is not enough for our students.
  • Prop 13 limits property taxes, reducing funding to our schools.
  • Local, state and federal funding pays for only 60% of school funding, leaving 40% of funding up to our community.

What’s at stake?

If Giving Campaign funds are not raised, next year up to 36 teacher positions could be eliminated, class sizes could increase, and programs could be slashed.

Why is it critical to give THIS year?

Contributions will help ensure our kids come back to safe classrooms with all the programs and staff that are needed for a well-rounded education. Please join us in keeping our schools strong through the pandemic.