Help ensure our kids come back to safe classrooms with all the programs and staff that are needed for a well-rounded education.
Please join us in keeping our schools strong during the pandemic.

Eileen Kwei, Havens & Piedmont Middle School parent

Kat DiPiazza, Wildwood parent

Nicki Gibert, Piedmont Middle School & Piedmont High School parent

Emily Harrold, Beach parent

Carriane Coffey & Gina Midili, Havens parents

Robert Dorsey, Havens parent

Liz Mosbaugh, Beach parent

Piedmont Community Members

Jean Takazawa, Havens & PMS parent

Kim Hunter, Beach & PMS Parent

Piedmont Hearts & Minds: Hearing directly from parents, community members, teachers, and administrators on the importance of The Giving Campaign.

Thank you to Piedmont parent, Kim Shartsis, and our filmmaker, Mat Rick, for putting together these videos.