Every dollar donated to The Giving Campaign makes a difference in our classrooms.

Keeping class sizes small
Small class sizes mean a better teacher to student ratio, allowing for more differentiation and attention to student needs.

Wellness & Counseling
Providing students not only with academic but emotional support in and out of the classroom.

AP & Electives
Offering 24 AP and Honors courses, from Calculus, to Computer Science, to Studio Art encouraging our students to go deeper into subjects that spark their passion.

Access to Books, Technology, and Supplies
Chromebooks, tablets, and learning software enable distance learning. As well as library pick-up hours, art supplies, and items needed to learn anywhere.

Libraries & certified Librarians
Providing the books needed to create a love of learning and the staff to teach literature and critical thinking.

Curriculum & Professional Development
Giving our teachers the tools needed to create 21st century learners.

Integrated Arts & Music
Helping students recognize new skills, providing a way to differentiate instruction,  and fostering collaboration among both students and teachers.