PUSD Budget

Based on information available as of May 2019
Based on information available as of May 2019

Why doesn't government funding meet our needs?

California’s government provides less funding per student than almost every other state in the country. When combined with the high cost of living and doing business in the Bay Area this funding falls far short of what our children deserve. We urge you to advocate to elected officials to increase funding for our schools.

Why does PUSD outspend revenue?

There are a number of areas that benefit students that would not be affordable without community contributions. This includes a low student to staff ratio, integration of visual and performing arts, staffed libraries at each school, technology and 21st century skills, a broad selection of AP and elective classes, and more. Piedmont parents, and the school district, agree on these areas as a priority and work together to keep them in our schools.

How do you calculate the per-student funding need?

We use a condensed version of the budget provided by PUSD each year to calculate the need. The formula uses the total provided by the ‘guaranteed’ revenue from government sources, parcel tax and other local sources and subtracts total expenses. We divide that remainder by the estimated enrollment. We are currently raising money for the 2020-21 school year.

Total Guaranteed Revenue: $38,163,114
MINUS Total Operating Expenses: $42,617,322
EQUALS Net Revenue: -$4,454,208
DIVIDED BY Projected Enrollment: 2,510
EQUALS the Per-Student Need: $1,775

What happens if the need isn't met?

Every dollar counts and participation matters. Some families give more and some families give less. We are grateful for every donation. We use the need as a starting point and collect the bulk of contributions through the Giving Campaign. PEF, PUSD and the Parent’s Clubs and Support Groups continue to fundraise throughout the year. All funding sources combine to help our schools have the resources needed to provide our students with an outstanding education in a supportive and inclusive environment.

How does the parcel tax fit in?

The voter-approved school parcel tax in Piedmont provides a stable source of funding to a school district that needs it. On November 5, 2019, Piedmont registered voters will be eligible to vote on two school support tax measures. The first will renew and extend the current parcel tax, School Measure A, that is set to expire on June 30, 2021. This tax will not increase the basic tax Piedmont property owners are already paying. It will continue to provide $10.4 million annually, which is approximately 25% of the district’s budget. A second measure would assess an additional 25¢ per building square foot, improving the school district’s ability to more closely align teacher and staff salaries with those of surrounding districts. If passed, both these taxes will begin on July 1, 2021.

Why does participation matter?

Participation matters for several reasons.

1) Community involvement. Parents must demonstrate to the greater Piedmont community that we are actively working to support our children’s education with our time and our dollars.

    • Roughly 60% of Piedmont residents do not have children in Piedmont schools
    • If we give more, they give more
    • If we show our support financially, they are more likely to vote yes on parcel taxes and bonds

2) Teacher morale. A great way for parents to show that they support our teachers is to show them that most parents give to the Giving Campaign, much of which is then used for teacher salaries. 

3) It all adds up. Every dollar really does count. Participation at any level helps.4) We aren’t eligible for many grants, but when we do apply, prospective funders like to know that the bulk of our funding comes from the community

5) Participation breeds participation. The more participation we have, the more it becomes the norm for everyone to contribute.

What’s the difference between the Giving Campaign and Spring Fling/Parent’s Clubs/Piedmont Store/Endowment/Etc.

PEF runs several fundraisers throughout the year and grants the combined funds, less expenses, to PUSD for use throughout the district. The Giving Campaign raises the bulk of PEF funds and provides the best return on investment for impacting your child’s classroom. Last year the Giving Campaign raised $2.8 million and with other funds raised, PEF was able to grant $3,070,000 to the Piedmont Unified School District. For information on other PEF and school-specific fundraisers throughout the year, click here.

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