The students behind Students for Solar THANK YOU for your support.


Since the start of our campaign in February of 2021, the Students for Solar team has been raising money to contribute to funding solar panels on the STEAM Building of Piedmont High School! We had 25 MHS and PHS students on our team and partnered with 31 businesses for our virtual auction.


Ultimately we raised $59,312 for new solar panels! These funds remain in trust to PUSD with the Piedmont Education Foundation until PUSD is ready to complete the installation of all solar panels.


Getting solar panels on the high school will go a long way toward making the new STEAM building net-zero energy. This is important to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, save the district money on our electricity bill that we can later spend on education, and serve as an educational tool for future students. We need to take responsible and sustainable steps that combat climate change as a community.


For questions about your donation, please contact Lisa Peters at PEF,


For additional information about our campaign, check out our facebook page or youtube channel.

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