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The Piedmont Affinity Mentorship Program builds connection and conversation and upholds and celebrates diverse identities all across our student body.

We center the shared experiences of students with underrepresented cultural, ethnic, religious, neurodiverse, and gender-expansive identities by
creating connections between them and high school Affinity Mentors, who also share these backgrounds. We mentor elementary and middle
school students with these identities.

Our 38 Affinity Mentors are:
positive role models who engage their mentees in age-appropriate, reflective, and fun lessons about shared identities;
enrolled in a cohort-style high school course together to develop their understanding and practice of dialogue, identity development, and
cultural responsiveness;
sources of support and community builders ,=through whom children really get to know each other and their mentors.

We hope to normalize differences without shame, fear or rejection—because we believe every child deserves to feel safe and a sense of belonging.

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Questions? Contact Jean Takazawa at